Healdsburg: Wine Country for the whole family.

Let's just say — this is top on our list of places to live if we ever leave MInneapolis. What is there not to love about Healdsburg (well, maybe besides the price tag!). But, it is surprisingly very family-friendly. And, there are ways to keep the cost down. 
We could spend hours in the car because the drives are so scenic. The coast isn't far. The wineries are never-ending. The people are kind. There is plenty outdoor adventure! We love it.

The travel journal includes information such as: where to stay, neighborhood/areas, our favorite restaurants, what to do & fun activities. Also included are links to current events/happenings and other local resources. 


Wineries: VML for it's fresh fruit. Preston Farm + Vineyards for it's adorable market and wine and bread and cheese and picnic tables. Porter Creek for it's incredible wine. 
Healdsburg Square.
The coast.
The food!
The Farmers Market. 
Bocce Ball. 
The views.
The river.

Please note: the travel journal was updated in July 2018, pulling information from many hours spent researching. The journal will be updated throughout the months to include more updated information. 


Your wild fun is waiting.