Minneapolis is our home. 

Gorgeous summers. Beautiful lakes. As much as I don't like to admit it -- the winters are pretty remarkable as well. 
The city is not too big and not too small. 
Amazing restaurants. 
Family-friendly. Pretty chill & laid-back. You can hop in the car and just a short drive away find great hiking (yes, in MN!) & mountain-biking trails. Skiing in the winter months. Small towns and beautiful scenic river settings. 

The travel journal includes information such as: where to stay, neighborhood/areas, our favorite restaurants, what to do & fun activities. Current events. 



Chain of Lakes.
The Stone Arch Bridge.
Famer's Markets.
Minnehaha Falls.
Amazing food.
Bike-friendly, year round.
"Up North".  
Outdoor adventure. 

Please note: the travel journal was updated in January 2018, pulling information from many hours spent researching. The journal will be updated throughout the months to include more updated information. 


Your wild fun is waiting.