The beaches. 
Spotting dolphins at the Naples Pier. 
Walking downtown, Naples.
Boat rides, kayak tours, swamp sanctuaries. 
The Botanical Garden. 
Farmer's Market + local events.
Time spent with family.

Naples, FL

We visit Naples at least once a year to stay with parents. While it is a beach and pool-lovers paradise, we try to find fun activities — especially if we are there for a longer period of time. We have visited some pretty neat places full of wildlife, beautiful scenery & lots of water. It is a great place to have quality time with family. 

The travel journal includes information such as: where to stay,
neighborhood/areas, our favorite restaurants, what to do & fun
activities. Also included are links to current events/happenings
and other local resources. 

Please note: the travel journal was created in January 2018, pulling information from many hours spent researching. The journal will be updated throughout the months to include more updated information. 

You wild fun is waiting.