We are always up for an adventure! We are not a travel agency, but we are a family passionate about exploring this gorgeous planet! And, we want to share that love with you. 

Mollie spends countless hours (aka, slightly obsessed) researching the exciting details of our exploration, whether we are driving one hour away or flying across the globe. 
She has a passion for the science behind living life to the fullest — whether it is through movement/dance as in her business, Wildhive, or through globe-trotting, both forms of adventure & expression re-awaken her wild and make her feel alive! She aspires to help others do the same.

As a result of our wanderlust & adventurous spirits — the youngest members of wildfam love experiencing new cities, hitting touristy spots as well as attempting to live like a local in another town. We want to share our WILD times with you (with and without kids) to help your family integrate more travel into your lives! 

It's not easy to sit down and plan the details of a trip, especially when bringing kids. Trust us — we know the hours spent (ok, more like weeks) to create a meaningful & memorable travel experience. So...

Let wildfam do the dirty work and you go and enjoy! 
The goal is not to control or plan out every second of your trip — rather know where to find the best food, scope out the coolest places to stay, where to take memorable photos or which scenic highways to drive — to make the most of your precious time in a new place, with the ones you love. 

Still debating on taking that trip? Read these articles to give you inspiration and understand how travel is vital to your health & well-being.  

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For every purchase of a wildfam travel journal, 5% of the proceeds will be donated to Charity: Water.

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