A Texas Road Trip.

Our usual Texas visits having us visiting family in Dallas. While for many years we didn't see much past its strip malls, Dallas has some pretty cool areas. Exploring further south into Austin, Hill Country and San Antonio opened our eyes (and hearts!) to some amazing scenery, food & sights in the state of Texas.

The travel journal includes information such as: where to stay, neighborhood/areas, our favorite restaurants, what to do & fun activities. Also included are links to current events/happenings and other local resources. 



Austin: Lady Bird Lake. Bats! The food. Zilker Park. Grafitti. The people. Has a Minneapolis-vibe, but much larger. 

Hill Country: Gorgeous scenery. Cool hikes. Swimming holes. Cute cities. 

San Antonio: The Alamo. Food! 

Please note: the travel journal was created in May 2017, pulling information from many hours spent researching. The journal will be updated throughout the months to include more updated information. 


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